The way to own your library.

Reda allows you to import, organize, share and read your books, articles, and other digital documents anytime, anywhere. See status here


Easy organisation

Organise your books and documents in a way that makes sense to you. Create custom collections, and organise your documents into them.


Import from multiple sources

Import from your local file system or web URLs.


Secure by default

Your books and documents are stored locally on your device, and are never sent to any server unless you choose to. You can also choose to use biometrics authentication methods to keep your data safe.


Read later

Save any article or web page to read later. Reda will automatically extract the article's content and save it to your library.


Track progress

Pick up right where you left off the next time you open a document or book. Reda will remember your progress and will take you to the right page.


Quick search

Find any document in your library in a matter of seconds. Reda will search through your library and show you the results as you type.